Neo Future Gig Vol.7.7

20,May,2017 Venue : The Hologram City (那覇市久米) -GiG ACT- LIFE (from Tokyo) FREAKS (from Tokyo) STINKY bomachieca SOW THREAT R.A.G.S OPEN/19:00 START/19:30 -TiCKET- Adv./2000yen Door/2500yen


– SKY OUT! FESTIVAL – Venue : OUTPUT -GiG ACT- ANNA I bomachieca HEAD WATERZ 金城小町 まちぐわぁシーサー with 七尾茂大 MAVEL & MAD-RAGE R.A.G.S SOW THREAT SHOCKING桃色 TABQURIA & カルロスシンタナ THC BOYS OPEN/16:30 START/17:00 -TiCKET- 前売¥1,500+1D 当日¥1,800+1D – SKY OUT! FESTIVAL AFTER PARTY – Venue : Cafe The Hologram City -DJ- TAKUJI a.k.a. GEETEK TOMOKO KAGAWA -TiCKET- ¥1000 (1Drink) OUTPUT ご入場の方は、チケットの半券呈示で入場無料